2024 Awards



Olivia Grey

Senior Brand Manager – SunRice Global

Hi, I’m Olivia Grey, senior brand manager at SunRice Global. The reason I decided to enter Joe Berry Award was to stretch myself, and to kinda lead by example.

2024 Finalists

Top Tier talent

Gabby Dunn

State Manager • Ferrero.

Hi I’m Gabby, State account manager at Ferrero. The topic I chose was free choice. It was about customer experience.

Maria Tremoulas

Operations Transformation Manager – Coles Group

Hi, I’m Maria Tremoulis, and I’m an operations transformation manager at Coles Group. The topic I selected was AI driven workforce planning.

Steven Hunt

FInance Manager, Bakery – Coles Group

Hi, I’m Steven Hunt, the finance manager of the bakery business unit at Coles. I chose a free choice topic, and I focused on the impact that social media is having on retail.

Erica Gillis

Customer Activation Manager • Simplot Australia

Hi, I’m Erica, and I’m a customer activation manager at Simplot Australia.

Pavlos Tsathas

Key Account Manager • Kellanova

Hi. My name is Pavlos Sarthas, and I’m a key account manager for Kelanova.

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