2023 Awards



Karolina Trofiniak

Executive Manager – Store Operations at Aldi Supermarkets

Hi. My name is Lina. Category Manager in Biscuits from Woolworths. I entered Joe Berry Award because I knew that network would unlock my career progression.

2023 Finalists

Top Tier talent

Samantha Corrigan

Customer Marketing Manager • SC Johnson.

My name’s Sam. I work as a customer marketing manager at SC Johnson. I was motivated by the questions themselves. I chose for my topic how to maintain loyalty in a crisis.

Amy Wagner

Director of PR and CX • Arnott’s Group

My name is Amy Wagner, and I am the director of PR and CX at the Arnott’s Group. My biggest challenge throughout the Joe Berry Award process has been giving myself permission to carve out the time to work on this.

Anthony Venuto

Chapter Lead for Better Buying • 7-Eleven

My name’s Anthony Venuto, and I work at seven Eleven as the chapter lead for Better Buying and Pricing. I entered the Joe Berry Award as a challenge.

Sofia Kailis

National Business Manager • Coca Cola Euro Pacific Partners

Hi. My name is Sofia Kalis. I’m the national business manager for soft drinks at Coca Cola Euro Pacific Partners.

Melissa Sharwood

National Business Manager • One Harvest

Hi. I’m Melissa, and I’m the senior national business manager at One Harvest.

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