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Registration will open November 1st, 2020.

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Is the Cover Page included in my word count?

Yes, the total essay document must not exceed 2500 words.

My referencing is being included in the word count, can I have additional words?

No. If you use the correct Word Referencing it will not be included in the count. (Tab:- Referencing, AB1Insert Footnote,)

Why do I need my full details on the Cover Page?

Once your essay is submitted we need to be able to find you if the essay needs editing or you have made the finals. These details are removed before the essay goes out to the judges.

Do charts or graphs change the word count?

Only if you have explanatory notes  attached to the graphic.

Who will be judging my essay and what are the criteria for judging?

We have a panel of 30 judges who are prior winners or senior executives. A judge from your company cannot judge your essay. The criteria – Introduction, Body of essay, Flow of Information, Relevance to the Topic, Research and Personality, Conclusion.

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