Rules & Regulations

Registration to the Joe Berry Award.

Your Entry Kit will be sent to you upon registering!

Is the Cover Page included in my word count?

Yes, the total essay document must not exceed 2500 words.

My referencing is being included in the word count, can I have additional words?

No. If you use the correct Word Referencing it will not be included in the count. (Tab:- Referencing, AB1Insert Footnote,)

Why do I need my full details on the Cover Page?

Once your essay is submitted we need to be able to find you if the essay needs editing or you have made the finals. These details are removed before the essay goes out to the judges.

Do charts or graphs change the word count?

Only if you have explanatory notes  attached to the graphic.

Who will be judging my essay and what are the criteria for judging?

We have a panel of 30 judges who are prior winners or senior executives. A judge from your company cannot judge your essay. The criteria – Introduction, Body of essay, Flow of Information, Relevance to the Topic, Research and Personality, Conclusion.


Only one essay from each entrant will be accepted. Any essay topic that is altered will be ineligible.


Making sure that the topic you select is the right one for your skill set.


Only entries that meet the award Rules and Conditions can be accepted.


From their scores we select six finalists, to be announced in May 2020.


Is available throughout the essay writing zone. Need Help? Just ask!


What do you need to know before you start?

Essay Limitations

Referencing: Word AB Insert Footnote

Referencing must be by Superscript Numerical identification1 and bottom of page reference detailing, as available in Microsoft Word menus.

**Right-Click the word-count at the bottom of your screen and make sure the appropriate box is ticked to take references out of your word-count.

Submitting your essay:

You must save and submit your entry electronically, in WORD, using the unique entrant number allocated to you at registration, E.g. JBA Essay 20-912.

– A confirmation of receipt of entry will be sent within 24 hours.

– Submit essay only as JBA Essay 20-XXX (your unique registration number) then your name (E.g. JBA Essay 20-912 Jill Barry).

– Entries must be submitted electronically to by February 28, 2020, (11:59pm)

DO NOT USE PDF – it will be returned as non-compliant!


Essays must be prepared with Microsoft Word, using; Arial 12 font; 1.5 line spacing; 2cm margin on both edges of the page.

They must include: A Cover Page with the topic short version, your full contact details, place of employment, entry number, word count, time employed in the industry and a signature attesting to the originality of the work.

The essay layout order:

Cover Page (see last page sample); Simple Contents; Executive Summary; Introduction; Body; Conclusion.

– Each page must have a Header showing Topic, page number, entry number. (E.g. Channel Diversification – 2 – 20-xxx).

– You must provide a workplace email (if one has been allocated). This is part of your verification.

– Your cover page Personal Information will be removed prior to judging.

– All judging pre-finals is done anonymously, using entry numbers with no reference to employer, age, gender or location.

– Sample page follows, use this as a template for your essay.

– Make sure no personal details appear in the header.

Essay Judging


There are two judging sections:

1. March – April

Submitted essays are distributed to around 70 judges for scoring based on specified criteria.

The essays are sent out “blind” (no names, no employer details) and no judge receives an essay from their own company entries.

Each essay will go out to 5 judges, usually with other essays of the same topic.

Judges are selected from a variety of industry areas such as retailer, supplier, service provider, former winner etc.

Scores are out of 100 and the results are totaled and averaged to provide a ranking.

2. May – June

The top 6 essays, by scores only, receive invitations to face the judging panel on June 11th, 2020, in Sydney.

The panel is comprised of 20+ senior executives from the sponsor group.

Each finalist has 1-hour to present their topic, face Q&A on the essay and Q&A on general industry knowledge.

Judges feedback is not provided at the judging, this will be provided later.

The process of judging and the collation of scores has been used since the Joe Berry Award was first introduced in 1986.

The essay scoring process is closely managed so that no essay is disadvantaged by exposure to or by judging limitations.

The finalists are selected based purely on their collated essay scores. Age, location, employer or topic are not taken into account in this selection.

It is possible that several finalists may be employed by the same company.

Judges decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the results.


The ASMCA – Joe Berry office for information clarity, ‘how to start assistance’ and mentoring during the process

▪ Your own company team or management.

Internet and library services provided that the end-result is your own work and free of any plagiarism.

Yourself: re-read and check your work for spelling, grammar and continuity, as many good essays fail on the lack of author revision

Be aware of what an executive summary and an introduction do for your essay. Many people confuse the two and lose valuable essay space. Executive Summary = what your essay is about, half to one page only; Introduction = getting started, lead-in information, a paragraph to half page.

Set up your argument as a ‘trail’ and make sure that you stick to that trail during the essay writing. Good essays can lose points by drifting into arguments that do not relate to the topic, or by losing the plot.

Spelling and grammar are important! Check both, otherwise, the meaning that you intended to put forward can be read as something completely different. This may result in a lower score for your essay.

Editing means a word-by-word proof reading of your work to ensure accuracy. After each sentence stop, read, and ask “does it convey my message?”

Shorter sentences have stronger impact. A sentence of over 20 words may be too long. Rephrase or edit for punctuation to add impact.

It is possible in reading essays to identify the change in writer or the origin of information. Be sure that any work is your own and that cut-and-paste information is referenced.

Support and Advice

Having chosen a topic, create a simple matrix of 5 key points, then write 5 supporting points under each key point. Now you have the basics, start writing. (You are not limited to 5 key points.)

The website has copies of some 2016 – 2019 entries that will show you what is required for content.

If you require assistance in developing your entry you can use the following support services:


The Joe Berry Award is owned by and has been conducted by the Association of Sales and Marketing Companies Australasia (ASMCA) since 2005. The ASMCA conducts the Award as a not-for-profit organization and an independent industry body. The ASMCA does not profit from the Award.

The Joe Berry Award is run by the ASMCA Board who will from time-to-time use outside professionals to provide advice and currency to the program. These professionals are not paid for their advice and provide service as donations to the Award.

The Rules, Conditions and Topics for the Joe Berry Award are designed to provide an even playing field for all potential entries and no bias or preference is implied or applied in running this Award.

The ASMCA accepts and promotes diversity in the running of the Award but does not make provision in the Award rules for any specific group or person. Individual situations may be viewed through the Help Desk.

Information received on the individuals contesting the Joe Berry Award is held as private information and it is not sold or used in any form other than for the purposes of the Award and Scholarship judging.

The ASMCA holds ownership of all submitted entries and may use these entries for the purposes of promotion of the Award for future years. Authors of essays will be acknowledged when essays are used in promotions.

The ASMCA may require entrants and finalists to be part of video recording of the Award in progress. These recordings may be used for promotional purposes but will not be made available for sale or for any other purpose outside the Award.

Cover Page Example

A Cover Page is necessary for tracking the essay and for contact purposes should we need to provide you with any advices. Privacy is assured on any details provided.

The Cover Page is removed before any distribution of essays to judges or other assisting persons.


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