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“The past two years have seen a major lift in the efforts of the entrants and the quality of the finalists. The 2016 Joe Berry Award was the closest so far and the contest between the sectors of the industry was balanced. The reason for holding an award such as the Joe Berry Award is to enable those people with passion for the industry to get the exposure that they deserve. This has been achieved.

If you would like to have that exposure in your resume then entering this award is the best place you can go!

The judges on hand for the 2016 finals continue to be surprised at the understanding of the industry that the young finalists have attained. Their ability to see the future of the industry and to challenge standard thinking gave a clear picture of the changing retail landscape. They gave positive recommendations for change while maintaining a focus on the issues of today. Very impressive!

I have said many times that the industry should be proud that the Joe Berry Award has contributed to the overall standing of our industry and helped so many individuals in many different ways. I f you want to see the talent of today, become a sponsor and join the judging team.”

Bernie Brookes, Patron

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